What is MozRank?

MozRank is a term derived by SEOmoz’s logarithmically scaled 10-point measurement of website linking authority or popularity of a given page on the internet.
MozRank is essentially a link popularity score that reflects the importance of a web page on the Internet in relation to others. Pages are attributed a MozRank by the number of (quantity) and authority (quality) of other pages that link to them.

MozRank is calculated by a logarithmic scale between 1 and 10. The higher the quality of the incoming links, the higher the MozRank should be.

mozRank Diagram MozRank Image Source

“The intuition behind MozRank is to leverage the democratic nature of the web. Every page has a vote and they can cast that vote by linking out to other web pages. Each time they link out all of the other links (votes) on the same page are slightly diluted. Thus, pages which link to many other pages aren’t able to overwhelm the votes from pages that only link to a few other pages. Otherwise, if one page linked to the same page 1000 times, it would unfairly make that page rank artificially high in.”


Where can you find MozRank?

Open Site Explorer SEO Open Site Explorer – SEOMoz offers Open Site Explorer that compares any site’s backlinks, top pages and other metrics using SEOmoz’s web index. Some great tools for researching link opportunities, anchor text usage, discovering popular content, identifying competitors and much more…


Mozbar SEOmoz toolbar MozBar – SEOmoz’s SEO toolbars provide easy access to powerful SEO tools and data while surfing the web. Fast diagnosis of SEO problems and discover opportunities without opening a new page or interrupting your work flow.


Resources – SEO and MozRank

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