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“People Also Search For” Carousel in mobile search results

Search something on Google using a smartphone, click on a result, then click back. You should see a snippet of the search result you clicked on and a carousel appear below it “people also search for…” displaying a list of clickable phrases to navigate to a new search.

Google Back Button Behavior Triggers “People Also Search For” Carousel in mobile search.

Is this the mobile equivalent of the Desktop search results that ends with “Searches related to [query_phrase]” displayed at the end of the page?

Google Carousel : People Also Search For (PASF)
The inclusion of a navigable list of alternative phrases embedded directly beneath a mobile search result that was just clicked can improve the chance of additional mobile searches being conducted. The user doesn’t have to navigate to the search bar at the top and re type in a new query. Instead, they can continue from where they left off at the position they formally clicked on.

Mobile users who navigate back immediately are obviously not happy with the destination page they arrived on. This is a key feature from Google to assist in helping a mobile visitor get to the content they are looking for without entering multiple typed search queries into the address bar to refine the query.

Google Back Button Behavior Triggers People Also Search For Carousel in mobile search

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