How Much Does Usain Bolt Make Per Race?

It’s estimated that Usain Bolt makes an average of $300,000 USD per 200m race. This results in an equivalent of $15,000 USD per second. As of 2013, Usain Bolt’s estimated net worth is approximately $30 million.

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How Much Does Usain Bolt Make Per Race?
Usain Bolt’s race in the 2012 Olympics made him one of the highest paid track & field athletes of all time.
He completed the 200 meters sprint in 19.28 seconds and confirmed his popularity with both sponsors and fans by this outstanding gold medal winning performance.
While the world’s fastest man is making around $20 million per year, how much does Justin Gatlin make in comparison? Justin Gatlin the American sprinter who is also known as Bolt’s biggest threat has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The Usain Bolt v Justin Gatlin rivalry should see the winner in Rio pocket an additional few million in endorsements and future sponsorships deals.