Google News Fact Check Label

What Is The Google News Fact Check Label?

Google News has added a new label called “Fact Check” for articles containing fact-checking content. Articles that include the ClaimReview markup used by will have the Fact Check tag appear on Google News.

Fact checking gets its own Google News tag

The purpose of this label is to help readers find fact checking in large news stories when tagged articles are expanded in the story box on and on the Google News / Weather iOS / Android apps. Google may apply this label to the content if it contains multiple fact-check analysis within a single article.

How To Label Fact Check Articles on Google News?

Should I use the Fact Check label?

Consider whether your article meets the criteria of a fact-checked story:

  • The title of the article must indicate that a claim is being reviewed, state the conclusion reached, or simply frame that the article’s content consist of fact checking.
  • Discrete claims and checks must be easily identified in the body of the fact-check article. (Readers should be able to understand what was checked and what conclusions were reached)
  • Analysis must be transparent about the methods and sources and include citations and references to primary sources that were used.
  • The organization must be nonpartisan with transparent affiliations and funding. The range of claims should be examined for the topic area instead of targeting a single person or entity.

Google notes “if we find sites not following those criteria for the ClaimReview markup, we may, at our discretion, either ignore that site’s markup or remove the site from Google News.

How To Label Fact Check Articles on Google News?

Google News Publisher Help See Source Label help

Google Source Labeling Fact Check Articles on Google News

Will The “Fact Check” Label Provide More Search Traffic?

NO. It is an additional label used to categorize a story that appears in the Google News feed.
The use of this label also does not mean that all articles labeled as “Fact Check” are without false information. The fact-check label may be useful when determining if a widely reported story event is a hoax or a real event.

UPDATE 24th September 2017: Bing now officially supports Fact Check label with ClaimReview markup.
Bing has finally announced their official support for the “Fact Check” label in Bing search. This is powered by the ClaimReview schema markup and now shows up in the Bing search results.
More information on how to implement and use this tag can be found at

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