Google Instant Content

Google has released a new search feature that officially has no name. Search marketers are calling it “Instant Content” because Google is actually hosting the content and publishing it directly within their search results.

Could this allow media companies and marketers to publish directly to the Search Results?

How it functions?
Each post is hosted by Google itself on a dedicated page, and appears in a carousel in results pages for searches related to their authors for up to a week.
Google is maintaining a middle page that is essentially a zoomed in version of what is showing on the search results page. There is obviously a hidden purpose for Google to use this middle page.

Google Instant Content

What We Know

  • It is completely different to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Google is actually hosting publishers content on its own site via a URL
  • Articles are limited to 14,400 words
  • The text can have up to 10 images and/or videos
  • Content can include social share options
  • The content can include links
  • Content remains live for 7 days
  • Content is still accessible after 7 days but wont be served in the search results
How To Get Content Appearing? If you are a verified individual / organisation, you can request access to the beta by joining the waiting list. Go to and click “Join the waiting list”.

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