Full Song Lyrics In Bing Search Results

Bing now appears to be showing full song lyrics in the search results for most popular artists.
Bing’s use of song lyrics directly in the SERPs is similar to Google’s recent “structured data” efforts.

Presently, full song lyrics are only showing for US searchers however Bing plans to expand this outside the US over the next few months.

How it works?
Bing shows a portion of the song and a “See more” link that opens to the entire song.

roar lyrics katy perry on bing search engine

Potential Problems?
As Search Engine Land points out: “The lyrics…are quite often wrong… The lyrics that Bing shows for U2′s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” are on the left below, and the actual lyrics are on the right.” – Source

actual lyrics U2

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